Aít and the New Moon


New Moon in OUR PLACE

This coming Friday there is a New Moon, It seems to be a strong one and has been calling to me since early this week, I feel so ready for this shift in energy.

On this Virgo moon let’s:

  • Look up and remember what a vast and strange and beautiful world we live in.

  • Acknowledge our strength and how we can all work together, as our land does for us.

  • To remember that place is our identity, this world where we live and planet that we stand on is what connects us to our ancestors…

Who are our ancestors?

  • They are the trees, stones, earth, air, streams, plants, seas, stars…

IT doesn’t belong to anyone it just IS, as it always has been. It is what weaves and binds us all together. This place is our pharmacy, our school, our playground, our haven, our library and more.

It cradles and supports us.

Let us, on this new moon, look up and REMEMBER and be RESPONSIBLE in and for