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Each Friday, I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

  • The Cork Food Policy Council is an exciting new formation, that has a focus on creating a secure and sustainable food system within Cork City.
  • As part of the new Cork initiative, the city is getting ready to 'Feed the City' on March 15th, in order to highlight food waste and sustainability issues.
  • If you are like me and enjoy collecting small spring flowers and 'weeds',  you too, will probably like these nice little vase's from the crew at Makers & Brothers.
  • We have come to the conclusion in this house that the electric car is the only way forward for the weekly commute that Micheál has to make - At the moment we are looking at one of these as a possibility.
  • 10 things you may not have known about Peat
  • Food Tank have recently published a new report highlighting the importance of family farms - Not only are they feeding the world, but also nourishing the planet.
  • What kind of a fool shoots dead one, of only two Irish bred White Tailed Eagles?!
  • If I wasn't in the west of Ireland right now I would love to be wandering around the beautiful city of Austin whilst taking in SXSW.
  • Check out these Dolphins and Whales in action, something to brighten up your Friday.

It's all a go here these days in Baile Mheiriceá - The Spring Clean bug is upon me - Oh yeas!

There is at the moment, what you might call an orderly chaos about the house that only I understand. Do you ever get that thing, that once you start clearing and cleaning one room, it suddenly spills into another and so on..? Well at the moment I think that I am on the last room.

I'm not sure if it is procrastination or a need for order, but I found that I reached the stage in my new business start up venture, whereby, in order to move on I needed organisation and order in the home - Very plausible I think, especially considering that I will be operating from home initially and I haven't even started on the outdoors area yet....

Ok, of to work I go, I will post some pictures of the newly spring cleaned chez Claire next week - this promise will surely help me get my s@*t together!

This Week

'EndoWeek' Picture


Each Friday, I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

  • I came across Tom Hunt, self proclaimed eco-chef, food waste activist and big eater.
  • It took award winning film maker and photographer Sean White, 6 years to travel 7 continents to make this amazing time lapse film, which highlights some of the wonders of the globe. If you have a spare 6 minutes, sit back, escape and enjoy.
  • As yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US, I jumped in on the action and made a Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie with Candied Pumpkin Seeds, courtesy of this amazing woman, her amazing blog and amazing book 'A year of Pies'. Oh and BTW it was delicious!
  • Makers & Brothers - A one stop shop for all your Irish made crafts - check out their great new mini department store and new video featuring the store.
  • For all of you who are on instagram, check out one or more of these 66 accounts helping to cultivate a better food system.
  • Patagonia are a company that always impress me for so many reasons, mainly for their corporate responsibility and values. They have produced this new film urging customers to celebrate and repair the clothes they already own, rather than buy new ones!
  • This Week seems to be all about the films...Irish Farmette has produced a gem of a short film along with Farmhouse Films about Ireland's food and farming landscape, this gem was also chosen and was screened at last week's Chicago Food Film Festival - Take a look. 

The weather at the moment in Baile Mheiriceá is beautiful - calm and relaxing, no rain and very little wind, It makes outdoor chores so much more pleasurable. This week I have started my pre-christmas beverage concocting, Spiced Vodka, Marrow Rum, Clove and Orange Brandy, Sloe Gin (If I can find more sloe's) and infusions of mint, chamomile, dandelion, meadowsweet and ancho chili, to name a few - It is my new project and I'm very excited!

I was also on the beach this week admiring and collecting seaweed.

Whatever your projects may be or your weather is like, here is hoping that they are inspiring, serene and relaxing.