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Each Friday (or thereabouts)! I will endeavour to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing. 

Happy Friday 13th!  There are three this year...

Instead of focusing on superstition, lets talk about (for the weekend that is in it) LOVE. 

Whomever you spend this weekend with, even if yourself - Attempt to fill it with lots of love. Not the material, mass produced, overpriced commercial version. Opt for the REAL, simple, whole, unique to you FREE version. It doesn't take much and we all know we are capable of expressing it in some form. 


The February Garden


Yesterday was a perfect day to be in the garden, after all the storms that we have been having it actually felt like a Spring day, it was dry, fresh and bright - So I wasted no time and headed out. First on my list was the greenhouse, it is in need of a good tidy and organise. I managed to complete about a third of what I had hoped to do, but I suppose that it outdoor living for you - There are just way too many distractions! 


So, the garden list/plan has been somewhat of a success. I have found that it is quite hard to try and tie yourself to a plan regarding something that it constantly emerging and growing. I guess that I am a wild garden kind of a gal'.

Now having said that I am consulting my plan, however I am allowing this plan to be more of an organic process! Guidelines are probably more of an accurate description. 


'Guidelines' for the Garden 2014:

Seeds (buy Irish where possible):

  • Carrots
  • Potato's
  • Onions
  • Chard
  • Lettuce Leaves
  • Beetroot
  • Courgette
  • Cucumber
  • Pumpkins / Squash
  • Peas
  • Broad Beans
  • Spinach

I think that these should do us for starters along with what we already have, cabbage, broccolli, strawberries and all that grows wild around us, such as blackberries and mushrooms.

Herbs will be covered in the Apothecary Page at a later stage (thats a whole other 'plan').

As regards flowers, I don't have much of a flower garden, the flowers around us are mainly wild flowers. Last year I did decide that the front of the house needed brightening up a little so developed two beds, I also grew cornflowers from seed for the past 2 years.

We have a side porch area, that is south facing off of the kitchen, I like to have containers with shots of vibrant colour and scents here. 

We estimate the costs so far for our 'Garden Guidelines' to be in or around €150.


The days are that little bit longer, so weather permitting, for the remainder of the month I hope to be outdoors more, implementing my guidelines - Organising the greenhouse, sowing some seeds, preparing some beds and the best part of all, digging and burying my hands deep in the soil whenever possible.


This Week

'EndoWeek' Picture


Each Friday, I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

Wow, It's Friday again, already; We are half way through January and have just had the first full moon of 2014 - Where does the time seem to go?

Living is good between the lakes and the mountains in Baile Mheiriceá these days, the sun is shining today, interspersed by rain showers - there is a wonderful light bouncing off of everything, that would raise the spirits. I have spotted three rainbows already and it's not even 11am!

I'm heading on a short road trip later, I think I love home and the road in equal measure. There is just something about an open road, the freedom of it, the possibilities, the adventure…

Whatever you are up this weekend, be sure to put the pedal to the metal and delight in the 'open road' and all the possibilities and adventures along the route - Have a good one friends.

The January Garden


Ok, I know I skipped the December garden focus, so here is a brief summary of what you missed:


But anyway - back to now, January, a new year - A new garden. Sometimes I find the garden can be overwhelming as there is ALWAYS something that can be done. As a relatively newcomer to the whole area of gardening and growing food to eat, I find that it can be hard to know, just where to begin -

So, I have decided, after consulting many books and online resources that January will be our garden 'Plan Month'.  The time to make a plan of the garden for the next year, how it will look, what we will plant and where and when we will plant it, what we want to grow from seed and how much money we will need to do all of the above - we are on a tight budget, however, I do intend to save money in the shops on groceries later by investing in the garden now.


So here is our Garden To Do List for January:

  • Make a Garden Plan (tune in next month for details & costing estimate)
  • Prune the wild rose bushes - I want a bumper crop of rose hips next year for syrup.
  • Prune the apple and pear trees
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Feed the birds
  • Collect Seaweed.

A note on SEEDS

I do firmly believe that part of our future and our legacy will be SEEDS - What do I mean by this?

Seeds are part of the cyclical life of plants - flowers - pollination - seed. By germinating a seed we can produce food, seeds provide most of the nutrition and dietary requirements which we humans need. 

The key to the future of a sustainable food chain is, in my opinion, the use of local seeds wherever possible. Plants and the products born of these local seed are recently referred to as 'Heirloom'. i.e: Heirloom tomato's. Personally I have an aversion to this kind of branding of foods, we all know some of the other terms: Organic, artisan etc, the reason I'm not such a huge fan of these terms is because I believe that they can exclude people. 

So let's just keep the focus on local and affordable - In order to produce, grow or get your local and affordable plant based food, you need to support your local seed savers and growers - Buy a few seeds and watch them grow, even if you only start on your windowsill with a couple of pots, give it a go!

Let us allow future generations to actually know what an Irish Potato or Apple really tastes and looks like - Support your LOCAL seed savers and buy indigenous seeds.