Lunar Eclipse


Lucky for those of you in North and South America, you will be able to bear witness to the lunar eclipse tonight. However for us here on the west coast of Ireland, a glorious day brought forth a beautiful, nearly full moon rising (tomorrow is full moon day folks, prepare yourselves' for all manner of magnetic and strange forces).

Here you see the view from the front of our house of Mount Gable and the majestic moon rising from behind it. 

I like to think of Mount Gable as a special place, it is well known in Irish mythology as the place where the Fir Bolg gathered before their battle with the Tuatha Dé Dannan, the ancient people who took Ireland from the Fir Bolg at the Battle of Moytura.

I must say, it provides me with great comfort and stability knowing that, that same ancient mountain that supported the Fir Bolg still rises from the ground as strong and as powerful as ever - The realisation that it will also do so when I am long gone, and that my progeny will also bear witness to that same moon rise over that same mountain, is very humbling.

It once again reminds me how awesome nature and our environment are - They are the very things that have supported us in the past, that support us now and that hopefully will do so in the future.