Anything Is Possible

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The Weather at present in Baile Mheiriceá is a hazy 18 degrees and it's evening time. I am sitting at the end of the day, I can hear the Cuckoo sing her song in the distance. I am enjoying a home made Vanilla Cream laced sponge cake washed down with a strong cup of tea…friends, life is good!

I love this time of the day. There is a particular quality to the evening light in May. The anticipation of the longest day and solstice approaches. We are still on the right side (if you had to choose one) of summer… Anything is possible… And it is, as I discovered today, I am writing my first blog post for Baile Mheiriceá.



It is my intention that this Blog will illustrate our personal journey of trying to craft a more wholesome home life, living off the land where possible and using the natural resources that surround us as much as we can, whilst learning and discovering new ideas, personalities, creations and designs. It will highlight global ideas and stimulating people, all of which I will share with you…hopefully whilst living the good life and hopefully inspiring you to do the same!

Like many things, I seem to be improving with age! My increasing years' appear to be leading toward a better understanding and appreciation of the world around me…

I believe that our Actions, how we choose to eat, shop, communicate and live, have an impact on others' around the world. It is all connected, through nature and our environment, through people, through how we communicate with each other and what we make and how we choose to make it.

I now realize, that I am, as we all are, an important cog in this wheel we collectively call life and hold the power to change things for the better…

Yes… Anything is Possible!