Summer Solstice & The Druid

America Village Druid Cocktail

One of my favourite days of the year - The longest one! I thought that it is only appropriate to have a drink in honour of the solstice. I had also been looking to develop a drink to celebrate the wonderful Druid Theatre Company, who are based here in Galway. 

On a recent tour of the USA they had proclaimed that a bar in Charleston had named a cocktail after them and that they weren't coming home until there was a drink in their name here in Galway.

Taking into account Druid's links with the USA, we decided to use a spirit base that is a collaboration between Ireland and America. Prizefight Whiskey is distilled here in Ireland and aged in Rye Barrels from Tamworth Distilling in New Hampshire. The ageing process gives the whiskey a lovely smooth mouthfeel, with the familiarity of an Irish whiskey but there are also lovely sweet rye notes from barrel char. You can find the recipe here.

The whiskey is mixed with a Red Clover Lemonade that we made and finished with fresh mint. The overall finish has a simple yet pleasurable deep herbaceous earthy note, conjuring images and memories of solstice days filled with summer grass, honey, heat, bees and sweet tobacco. 


America Village Prizefight Whiskey Cocktail