This Week


Things of interest that have grabbed my attention. 

There is truly something magical about this time of the year. I'm not sure if it is the familiar rituals and sharing of customs within the community or the rest and deep inhale that nature takes and in turn urges us to take. 

Of course Yule time can also offer up its fair share of stresses and strains, we often think that we need to get EVERYTHING done before that one day. 

This week we will celebrate mid-winter and the continuing cycle and rhythm of the seasons, a little extra light will slowly seep into each day - An intimate impression on us.

The bond that we have with these natural rythms is engrained deep within ourselves. It is better not to work against them. In fact, In my experience doing this only results in internal and external conflict and stress on the body, which usually manifests in illness of some form.

Yule and mid-winter is the festival that we still have the strongest connection with, the one which still manages to infuse itself into our modern rituals and lives. Symbols and images can have a profound effect on people - Enjoy the lights, the candles, conifers, feasting, spices and herbs, the loving, the gifting and of course the fun, messing and playing!

So roll with the season, 'winter' and rest, sleep and hibernate. Eat winter foods, don't bother with strawberries imported from the other side of the world - Strawberries are for summer! Bake some apples instead. 

Embrace the slow pace of winter and re-connect with its natural rhythms.

Newgrange - Source Unknown

Newgrange - Source Unknown