Midsummer's Eve



Today is the eve of Midsummer - Summer Solstice, one of my favourite times of the year. This year the summer solstice occurs on Monday 20th June - The very same day as the June full moon.

The full moon occurring on the same day as summer solstice hasn't happened since 1948. This is something to celebrate!

The celestial magic of the solstice always stirs something within me, that sense of closeness and connection with the universe. It reminds me yet again of how we are all part of an interconnected weave - For me, it signifies a time to shift, change direction and re-new. The sun appearing to stand still seems like a good time to reflect and refresh.

'Strawberry Moon' is the name that native Americans gave to the June moon - What better moon to sit under whilst opening your heart to a new cycle. This moon is going to be dramatic, large and orange as it will sit low in the sky (due to the sun sitting at its highest).

The Strawberry moon moment of fullness is on Monday morning, so it will be as dramatic tonight on Midsummer's eve as tomorrow on the Solstice itself - It is like getting two full moons for one!

Midsummer's eve is a time to gather and celebrate light. It's a magical time of faeries and folklore. The aperture between our embodied conscious self and wider consciousness is opening, listen to that inner voice, your instinct, let the light in and bathe in its energy - Tomorrow heralds a new day.