CSA Cocktails - The Kohlrabi Martini

The Kohlrabi Martini

Kohlrabi Cocktail


So the big question is - How many people know what a Kohlrabi is and how many have eaten one?  

Like most people I hadn't a clue until recently - I had heard the name being bandied about, but hadn't a notion what it referred to, other than it was a vegetable! 

I think that those of us in this category can be forgiven, considering that the kohlrabi is a relatively 'new' vegetable - It is a hybrid vegetable, meaning that it has been created using artificial selection.

Think brassica's - Turnip and cabbage particularly, and you begin to get an idea of the kohlrabi and how it tastes. There are numerous ways you can use it, a simple google search will give you lots more information.

Kohlrabi Cocktail
Kohlrabi Cocktail

After tasting the kohlrabi I decided it was destined to make it's debut on these pages, I don't think it will be it's last appearance either, as I have lots more planned for this baby.

Kohlrabi is rich in Vitamin C and has tastes and has flavour's of bitter, spicy and sweet - Mainly bitter. For this reason I thought it would work well in a Martini - And it does.

So here you go:

The Kohlrabi Martini 

Kohlrabi Cocktail

You will need:

  • 40ml quality Gin
  • 15ml Vermouth 
  • 25ml Kohlrabi Juice (I simply blended kohlrabi with a little water with a hand blender)
  • Few shakes of Orange Bitters
  • Ice 
  • Apple slice & Kohlrabi leaf garnish

Combine all ingredients except for the garnish in a cocktail shaker, shake vigorously with lots of ice, double strain into a chilled glass. 

Garnish & Enjoy.

Kohlrabi Cocktail