Lughnasa and a Blue Moon


I am sitting in my home, coffee in hand, warm wind blowing through the window, surrounded by familiar scents and sights, reflecting on how lucky I am to be here right now.  

Once in a blue moon is a good time to look at ourselves and our authenticity, I reckon.

In many ways I find the moon is my church. It is not a construct, it is real -

I like to work by the moon and its phases, It connects wholly with my natural rhythm. I allow its light to guide me and chemistry to influence me and It's mysticism and magic excite me. 

Today is a blue moon - The second full moon in a month. The full moon rising in Aquarius. It is also the eve of Lughnasa!

Lughnasa and a Blue Moon all at once calls for a celebration! This evening I will harvest vegetables and berries under the rising moon. Tomorrow I will spend the day in the kitchen cooking and baking and tomorrow evening we will sit down to a feast with friends and family and toast Lughnasa - We might even dance!

We all need something to keep us grounded amid the rush of living, an anchor to steady us as the waves keep rolling.

The way I like to roll = With the moon as my anchor and the simplicity of nature as my pleasure.


The Moon Rising