CSA Cocktails - Radish Gin & Tonic

Radish Gin & Tonic

America Village CSA Cocktails

The second of the CSA Cocktails - I knew the humble radish would have a key role this week. I was thinking of a couple of different options, the most obvious being some modification on The Bloody Mary. 

However, I have been quite drawn of late to spicy or hot Gin and Tonic variations. Then I discovered that it was World Gin Day on the same day that I was undertaking some R&D!

It was going to have to be a G&T. 


So let me present to you the Radish G&T 

  • 40ml quality Gin - I used Dingle
  • 20ml America Village Tonic Syrup
  • 60ml Soda Water
  • Radish - Approx 1 good sized radish
  • Lovage - Approx 3 leaves
  • Coriander - Approx 3 stems 

Muddle the herbs and chopped radish in a chilled Collins glass, add your Tonic Syrup and Gin and top with soda water, add ice and stir. Garnish with radish and serve with a straw.