CSA Cocktails - The Green Cut

The Green Cut

America Village CSA Cocktails

This Week I received my first Organic Box of the first ever Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Project in Galway! I'm proud and excited to be supporting this project organised by Leaf & Root.

America Village CSA Cocktails

Community Supported Agriculture is based on a partnership between local farmers and producers and the local community. Sustainable food production and distribution is co-owned and shared between both consumer and producer.

The consumer invests in the farm and in return, receives a share - Usually in the form of a weekly box - of the seasonal farm harvest and bounty. You can read more about the Leaf and Root CSA here.

As part of the CSA Project, I have decided to set myself a little project - A weekly CSA Cocktail - From 'Farm to Bar' ...

A new cocktail each week, created with the weekly, seasonal contents of the box/share -

- This week: 'The Green Cut' -

  • Broad Beans - approximately four beans
  • Lovage - A sprig of lovage leaves
  • Sweet Peas - approximately six - eight peas
  • Flat Parsley - Few leaves + garnish
  • Poitín - 35ml
  • America Village Ginger Spice Syrup - 5ml
  • Fresh Lime Juice - 15ml

Muddle the beans, peas, lovage and parsley in a cocktail shaker - Add the rest of the ingredients along with ice.

Shake well.

Strain into a chilled coupe / martini glass and garnish with parsley. 

Vegetables in a cocktail, or with any kind of a drink may seem unusual initially - But believe me, this works, it tastes great, green and refreshing. It cajoles you into thinking that you are drinking a superfood vegetable juice!

A Win Win.

America Village CSA Cocktails