Celestial Happenings

America Village Solar eclipse

Today  March 20th, we will see a total solar eclipse, the New Moon in Pisces and the Spring Equinox - ALL IN ONE DAY.

Sometimes nature and the universe we live in appear in ways that remind us of how awesome and powerful they are. How they influence everything that we do and how we are all a part of the light - Majestic and wondrous, whatever shape or form we might take. 

Enjoy today - Take the celestial power that surrounds us and embrace it, feel it. Those goosebumps and hairs raising on your skin, enjoy. 

That sense of stirring and creativity, of shifting from one phase to another - It is real, go with it. 

- Listen to the Universe, it's energy, song and magic, at the end of the day...

At our very core - it is what we all are. 

Solar eclipse - America Village