Indian Style Bergamot Citrus-ade

America Village - Indian style bergamot citrus-ade

Citrus is big in this house - There is always A LOT - Thus I am always looking for new ways to use the juice and pulp from many of the (always organic) citrus that we use to prepare our Tonic Syrup. 

I think this may be my favourite so far - A refreshing, tasty Indian style spicy, grapefruit, lime, orange and lemon-ade! 

It is delicious first thing in the morning as a refreshing zingy, spicy juice; At lunchtime mixed with soda/sparkling water as a refreshing long, sparkling soda; Or in the evening mixed with Gin and ice to transform into a tasty, unique cocktail! 

Yes - This Indian style spicy citrus-ade is versatile - Fruity, refreshing, zesty, spicy and warming -all at once. 

America Village Indian Style Citrus-ade
America Village Indian Style Bergamot Citrus-Ade
America Village Indian Style Lemonade

You will need:

  • A selection of organic citrus juice - Bergamot; Orange; Lemon; Lime; Grapefruit. 
  • Black Pepper (pinch)
  • Sea Salt (pinch)
  • Fenugreek - Toasted and crushed (about 1 tsp per 250ml juice)
  • America Village Apothecary Spiced Ginger Mixer - Approx 50ml per 250ml of juice  

Whisk everything together - Stir and chill.

To make an 'Indian style Gin & 'Ade', simply mix to taste with Bombay Sapphire Gin and ice, stir and garnish with citrus - You won't be disappointed!

America Village Ginger Spice Cocktail Mixer
America Village Indian Style Gin & Citrusade Cocktail
America Village Indian Style Gin & Citrus-Ade Cocktail