Autumnal Goodness

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There is nothing quite like a walk in the woods to soak up the slowness, calmness and goodness of Autumn.

There is something magical rooted in the woodland. It is constant, reliable, yet dynamic and ever changing - Like us, it is living.

With autumn comes decay - Leaves fall to the ground, creating a carpet of heat and energy for fungal growth - This new energy underfoot allows for re-growth and new beginnings, new awakenings - Goodness.

A protective skin, the bark of the tree guards and protects the living trunk - Autumn touches me in the deepest parts of my being. I can suddenly feel beyond the protective layers of bark we humans often wrap ourselves in. 

This autumnal goodness envelopes me in its hues of red, yellow, gold and brown. The light penetrates and once again the feeling of falling to rest, storing and gathering what is most needed over the coming months awakens my core. 

america Village Autumn
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