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Autumn is here - The rain is lashing on my window as I look out at the very distinctive autumnal light. Our dining table is full of pumpkins, gourds and turnips and the orange extra bedspread has been un-furled from the blanket box and placed where it rightfully belongs at this time of the year. 

Tomorrow is Samhain, one of my favourite festivals. If you are in or around Galway, get yourself down to Urban Grind for some Coffee & Cocktails - We will be burning homemade incense bundles and toasting those gone before us.

Next week I will be brewing up some herbal teas in the woods and making cocktails for those lucky enough to be attending the third Lens and Larder retreat. This time around they are also having a Fringe event, which is well worth checking out for those who don't have the budget for the full retreat, but would still like to be involved some way. 

Wishing you all a special Samhain. One that is less wrapped up in sugary sweets and imported festivities, but celebrated for what it truly is - A holiday to mark the end of the harvest season, A time to welcome the darkness and celebrate the dead.

- The dead that have gone before us and the dead that is winter approaching. 

America Village