A Few Changes & Online Shop!

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There is nothing quite like being stuck at home with a bug, to finally get you moving on website 'stuff' that you have been meaning to do for weeks!

I have made a few changes to the website, as you can see! I have created a new 'home' page, that will hopefully make it easier to navigate the site. I have also finally got around to creating the online shop for America Village Apothecary - So you can now order your Apothecary Syrups direct from here.

Due to postal prohibitions regarding shipping liquids out of the country there is not an option for overseas sales yet - There should be before the end of the week though, for the overseas customers. 

I will be adding further products, that I am very excited about, to the America Village Apothecary shop in the near future -

- So things are moving along, busy, busy, busy. Hopefully now I have the online shop up and running I will have a little more time for posts!

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