This Week

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Each Friday (or therabouts)! I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

There is a 'Super Moon' tomorrow, I sense that I can feel its draw already.

Earlier this year, we had a water diviner out here, so that we could establish the best spot for a well - We live between two lakes, so water is fairly abundant around these parts. It didn't hugely surprise me when the diviner informed us that the house is practically sitting on and is surrounded by water.

This knowledge explained the unknown energy source that I sometimes feel or sense from the house, an un-settled energy at times. Needless to say that between tomorrow's super full moon and all the rain that has been falling recently - things around here are stirring. 

I find pastry and baking is always a good remedy, so envisage the kitchen may be hot this weekend. I made this galette a couple of days ago - Garden rhubarb and berry - enjoyed at dusk, on the porch with homemade meadowsweet ice cream and a strong cup of tea -  It helps!