The March Garden


Spring has sprung in Baile Mheiriceá - Sap is rising, lambs are bleeting, birds are waking me from my slumber at six every morning, buds are emerging, dandelions, nettles and wild garlic are in my sights - The clocks spring forward an hour this weekend - Oh what a difference a month can make!


What is it about Spring that just has that ability to lift our spirits - The renewed light after the darkness of winter, the new life in everything nature beholds?

What I really like about spring most of all, is that it doesn't matter who you are or what you do, if you work indoors all day and have no interest in gardening or nature - It still manages to grab you. Just one of the many ways nature has to remind us we are actually a part of it and not always in control of it!


This past month, there has been lots of new growth in the garden, mainly in the 'wild' form. The wild garlic is making a much welcome appearance, next week I will post a few wild Garlic recipes.  The spearmint is also sprouting again, I love walking through our little wooded area first thing in the morning, with the scent of wild garlic and mint wafting on the air. 

The dandelions are also making a much welcome return - I have great plans for these 'weeds'. 

Nettle soup will also be part of the diet in this house from next week on, It is Micheál's specialty and will be on the menu once a week for the month of April, I also have great plans for this 'weed' this year too! 

We tapped a few silver birch last weekend for sap, it was quite slow coming though, We have about a pint so far, I'm not sure what I plan to do with it yet, but will certainly let you know when I figure it out. 


The rocket, lettuce and coriander seeds that I planted a couple of weeks ago in the greenhouse are beginning to emerge, there is still no sight of the courgette and cucumber yet though.

This weekend and the week ahead are promised quite warm and fine, so I am expecting a lot more growth and action out in the garden. We plan to sow more seeds and spread all the donkey manure Micheál has collected and get the wild strawberry plants and blackberry bushes in the ground.

We have a busy garden / yard tidy and organise weekend planned, we have to make space for a new addition - I'll keep you posted!


Considering this post is coming so late in March, here is my April to do list :

  • Sow more seeds indoors
  • Ready the beds for planting in May
  • Plant onion sets
  • Dig Ridges
  • Tidy Garden area after winter storms
  • Sow edible and companion flowers
  • Plant wild strawberry beds
  • Check out solutions for white fly on strawberries
  • Tap more Birch trees
  • Make lots of Wild garlic pesto for the months ahead!