This Week

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Each Friday, I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

I am writing today, sitting beside the sea, this may be why I feel a stirring within me, a positive one that seems to mirror the lapping waves and the current of the ocean - A feeling of transition.   

What does transition mean to you?

To me, right now, transition = Moving into a new, yet familiar phase. My mind and body re-connecting with a motion enclosed within which has been at rest.

There is a new refreshed light to these Spring days, which rebounds on me, evidence yet again of how we are intrinsically linked to nature  - I feel myself re-opening and budding, a renewed sense of vigour emerging within. Spring has returned and with it, an immense sense of wholeness and gratitude.