Just Another Soup Day


Yesterday I started my day, as I start most days - in the kitchen.  I think first thing in the morning is my favourite time in the kitchen, I enjoy the solitude before the morning rush.

First on the agenda was Joe's lunch preparation, followed by using up some old bread for French Toast before the school bus arrived. It was snowing, which was certainly a different event to most mornings. I like to give him something warm before leaving the house on these cold mornings - It gives me a sense of maternal achievement.

Once the house had settled down again after the early morning activities and chores, I sat in my favourite kitchen chair, perched in the corner, able to view my kingdom! I love sitting down in this chair with a bowl of porridge in my lap and the smell of morning coffee brewing. It makes me feel secure and warm. 


Later in the day I decided to make soup, The view of the frost bitten fields outside prompted me. There is nothing quite like a heartening soup to warm you up on a cold, frosty white day. The soup was enjoyed by all, there was nothing extraordinary about it, it was just perfect for the day that was in it. We enjoyed it together, whilst gathered around the small table in the sitting room, beside the wood burning stove, reflecting on the events of the day.


It was only when I was chilling the left over soup that night before going to bed, that I was reminded of how the simple acts that take place in and around the kitchen fulfil most of my daily needs. The senses that these kind of days activate within me, the memories that are provided and the love present when gathering around a simply prepared meal. The extra sense of satisfaction in knowing that your choice of ingredients were grown by yourself or bought locally and how this choice impacts the wider community, country - world.

The next time you are in the kitchen making a meal, consider all this and the choices that you have, consider the nourishment you can give to yourself and others and remember -

Nourishment can come in many shapes, actions and forms.