Winter Christmas Cocktails - Hot Smoked Spruce Poitín served with a selection of Poitín infused Chocolates

America Village Hot Poitín

Hot cocktail drinks are always comforting at this time of the year, combined with yummy homemade chocolates they are a real treat.

Poitín for anyone that is unfamiliar with it, is a traditional Pot stilled un-matured Irish alcoholic drink, clear in colour with a distinct taste. Cromwell outlawed the production of Poitín in 1661 - However, thankfully it is still available...

Poitín is especially good for colds, flu's and upset tummy's, or if you are generally feeling a little under the weather - The secret, as with most strong grain liquors is to have just the one! It is particularly soothing served hot (diluted with hot water), with syrup, sugar or honey. 

America Village Poitín Chocolate

Hot Smoked Spruce Poitín

You will need:

Put your Poitín into a cup/mug, allow the water to cool slightly before adding to the mug. Stir in the Syrup. Enjoy whilst still hot and feel yourself warming from your toes up!

Poitín infused Cherry & Toasted Wild Hazelnut Chocolates

America Village, Poitin Chilli Cherry Chocolate
America Village Chocolates

I used about a handful of Cherries that I had infused in Poitín for a couple of weeks, de-stoned them and cut them into pieces.

Toast hazelnuts in a hot, stove top pan, tossing as they heat and toast. Once they are nicely toasted take off of the heat and set to one side. 

Heat and melt 250g of good quality dark chocolate in a pyrex dish over hot water. When melted stir in the cherries and toasted hazelnuts. Spoon onto baking paper and leave on a tray to cool & set.

America Village Elvis
America Village Chocolates

Poitín infused Chilli Chocolates

I used two chilli's that I had left over from a batch that had been infused in Poitín for approx 2 months.

Follow instructions as above (I used a slightly darker chocolate with the chilli's) - When the chocolate melts add the chopped chilli's, stir and allow to set. 

America Village  Hot Poitín