This Week


Each Friday, I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

  • Blanco Niño are working with Irish farmers to build Europe's first corn tortilla factory, here in Ireland. Mmmm corn tortilla's are one of my favourites.
  • …And here are some of the delights you could make with those corn tortilla's.
  • According to Oxford academics Organic farming supports 34% more plant, insect and animal species compared to conventional farming.
  • Tea + Rum + Cola = Rum and Cola Tea. Yes, I kid you not.
  • Broken Ghost Clothing are a Canadian small business that transform old un-wanted clothes into bright, unique wearable gems. 
  • If you are a fan of snow, ice, blue skies and the wilderness, you are going to enjoy The Seventh Continent on Vimeo.
  • This Magazine always has interesting articles and stories, and is a steal at €2.99, pick up your copy today.
  • We have plenty of winter greens up in the garden and I am certainly liking this recipe suggestion for lunch today.
  • When I am not preparing lunch at home and find myself in Castlebar in the fine county of Mayo, I always make sure I make time in my schedule to head over to New Antrim Street. Here I sit down, relax and partake in some of the many delights Café Rua always offer. 

Happy Friday and greetings from a beautiful bright clear day in Baile Mheiriceá (I think it is what they call the calm before yet another storm)!  

This week has been an exciting one for me, I'm delighted to have shared my new business idea - America Village Apothecary - with you all -  Although I must admit I am little nervous too - now I have pinned my colours to my collar so to say - Exciting times ahead!

I came across old photographs of Baile Mheiriceá recently from the Irish National Photograph Archive and thought it only right and good to share them with you. I took some of my own too, I suppose the place hasn't changed that much?

America Village - Baile Mheiriceá is in fact in Co. Galway not Mayo as is stated on the images. 

America Village - Baile Mheiriceá is in fact in Co. Galway not Mayo as is stated on the images.