Aromatic Bitters Cranberry Vanilla Tart


Aromatic Cranberry Vanilla Tart

It has been a while since I shared a recipe here and thought that considering it is January and a Thursday, a little mid-week treat could be well earned and well received.

If you are like me, you may well still have cranberries around the house since the christmas festivities. If you have been searching for something to do with them, here is your answer - My Aromatic Cranberry Vanilla Tart.

The aromatic component of this tart comes in the shape of aromatic bitters.


You will need:



  • 12oz Plain Flour
  • 200g Butter (I use salted & don't add salt to the recipe)
  • 6 fl oz ice water

This is the pastry recipe that has enabled me to master the art of shortcrust pastry. It is easy to make, always delicious and always mouthwateringly flaky - THANK YOU Ashley Adams English. 

It couldn't be more simple - Mix the flour and butter until they resemble breadcrumbs, not too much however, It is perfectly fine, in fact good, if you have some large bits of butter.

Mix in the water to form a dough. 

Turn onto a floured surface, split the dough into two. Shape into balls and wrap in cling film, place in the fridge and leave for at least an hour before use. (You will only need 1 half for this tart, you can freeze the other for again).

*The full proof tips Ashley points out in the link above are definitely the secret - Keep everything cold cold cold, handle the mix and dough as little as possible, Invest in a pastry blender, they are only a few euro and make a difference.

I used a little wholemeal flour, hence the appearance.

I used a little wholemeal flour, hence the appearance.


  • 7oz Cranberries (approx)
  • 7oz Vanilla Sugar (I used a mix of white and soft brown - plain white granulated is also perfect)
  • Four drops of aromatic bitters
  • 1 egg white
  • Approx 1 cup of natural yoghurt
  • 1 teaspoon plain flour


  • Put the cranberries into your tart and sprinkle on a third of the sugar
  • Sieve the remaining sugar and the teaspoon of flour into a bowl.
  • In a separate dish whisk your egg white until stiff and then fold into the sugar and flour. Stir in the natural yoghurt until combined. 
  • Add four drops of aromatic bitters and stir again
  • Pour the mixture over the cranberries and put into the oven. After 10 minutes reduce the heat to 180º and bake for approx 30 more minutes.

Let the tart cool and serve with natural yoghurt or cream.