This Week

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Again for this week's 'This Week' I decided to give things a little twist. 

New Year Resolution = A promise to yourself or decision to do something, especially to improve one's behavior or lifestyle in some way, during the year ahead. (Collins English Dictionary)

My Resolutions:

  • To learn more about Nature and continue to make small positive changes to the way we live. 
  • To be mindful of how I treat this planet and consume it's resources.
  • To eat more of what I grow.
  • To contribute to highlighting issues that can positively change your lifestyle, and that can benefit and have an impact on other people and the world we collectively share.

Some of my inspirations:

Do you ever ask yourself how we have developed into such a consumer led people? A People driven to buy and consume more and more. By doing all this buying we contribute and create problems for other people. Do you know who makes your clothes or your false eye lashes?! 

For the past year I have been boycotting retailers that refuse to sign up to the Clean Clothes Campaign and would encourage you to do the same. I have been buying, when possible, only from locally made sources or second hand shops. This year I'm going to go a step further and try to make my own clothes! 

I have said it many times since beginning this project here of mine and will continue to keep preaching it: GROW YOUR OWN.

This Planet that we all share and the natural bounties that she has to offer never cease to AMAZE me - every single day. Let's start to respect our planet a little bit more, it is where we all live, we have to share it and it won't support us, our children and grandchildren if we don't pay it a little more attention.


Happy New Year - Let's make it one that counts.