A Simple Solstice

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I am discovering that my body seems to work in cycles - 6 monthly cycles.  Which seem to be connected with the longest and shortest days of the year. I only realized this, this mid-summertime. I felt and ate just the same way as I did around christmas time! On further research I discovered that the word solstice is derived from the latin word sol  (sun) and sistere  (to stand still), because that is exactly what the Sun does, it seems to stand still, before it reverses its direction once again, in this 6 monthly cycle. 

Based on this natural course, which appears to operate the way I function, I find myself, once again changing direction.

An Awakening. An appreciation of the things that really matter, moonlight illuminating dark corners, the smell of smoke in the hair of loved ones, the beauty of nature, the internal whirling sensation before the first goose bumps appear on your skin -

The direction I'm taking is Living with intent, simplicity and goodness = wellness and harmony.  

It's Simple!