The Garden


Well Summer has arrived here in Baile Mheiriceá and what a difference it makes. Everything seems just so much more accessible in the fine weather. 

Most of my morning was spent digging and pounding the earth! I must say there is something very satisfying, primal and gratifying about pounding the earth. I reckon that half an hours good digging a day can only be good for you. 

The purpose of my digging was to construct a small makeshift seat up in the garden, on which I plan to spend time sipping fresh brew in the mornings when planning my days exploits and drinking a stronger concoction in the evenings whilst assessing and admiring my endeavors. I'll keep you posted!



I suppose now is a good time to give a short introduction to the garden - It's a work in progress.

The last couple of years have been too busy with babies and adjustments to pour too much energy into it and as I am slowly discovering, a garden needs plenty of time and energy. In fact last year my priority was to get into Galway for the month of July to soak up the Arts Festival, Film fleadh, Volvo Ocean Race finale and general fun and festivities that Galway has to offer in July! Not this year though, I'm feeling more grounded and homebound this year, the kind of grounded that involves pounding the earth and getting dirt under your nails. 



This is probably connected to my realisation  that if I want to start to make a difference in our own home, then one of the first places for us to start is the garden. Micheál had always had a couple of ridges with a few things growing before we all came along to join him, but as I said, nurturing new additions into our new family kind of took over from the garden as a priority the past couple of years. We are now trying to put more shape on the garden and hoping to get ahead of ourselves for next year…a little bit of planning. 

Just so we get things clear from the out-set, gardening of all varieties is quite new to me. So rest assured whatever I achieve, you too can, with a little help, perseverance and determination…

It will be worth it.