Welcome Back Winter


As I write this, I am sitting beside my hearth, watching glowing embers whilst enjoying a Hot Rosehip Whiskey and toasted spiced nuts.

As autumn passes once again, I find myself reflecting on the season that gifts us with the ever important bridge between summer and winter - A bridge full of rich vibrant colours - Of harvest - Of short days and longer nights - Of transition…


As we shift into the shorter days of winter and the colour's fade, we find ourselves in a position where we are able to reflect, rest, rejuvenate and take stock.

Tis' the season to stay in night clothes until mid morning, sauntering around the house with a hot coffee in one hand and sweet treat in the other, to cook, roast, bake, decorate, experiment and eat during the day and to spend evenings by the fireside with all the books you have been meaning to read and patterns you want to knit. Tis' the season to re-connect with friends and family, to play board games - Most of all tis' the season to be merry.

Hibernation - To pass winter in a dormant position with metabolism greatly slowed down.

We are all on a path that leads us into a new season, toward a new solstice and new beginnings…

Welcome back winter!