Solstice Time


Here we are again, the cycle continues. Mid-winter's day / The shortest day of the year / Winter Solstice - Whatever you choose to call it, I can feel the significance already, I awoke to a new cycle once again. A feeling deep within the core of me is stirring, surfacing from the shadows. It is funny that in our age of technology, the basic principles of nature and astronomical significance still effect us in such a way, I draw great sustenance from this.

Our ancestors who came before us designed and built Newgrange to align with the rising sun and Stonehenge to align with the setting sun on this day, what was the purpose or the significance?

The one thing that is constant and was present then as it is today -

The natural world and the powerful and awesome expanse of space that we call the universe, the sun that continues to rise and set and the emergence of renewed light and life.

A new day has risen - Enjoy it.