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Each Friday, I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

  • If you have lots of presents to wrap over the next few days and fancy doing something a little different, 'furoshiki' is your answer.
  • …And if you are like me and leave some things that you shouldn't until the last minute, this should help.
  • No snow where you are and you want to get into that festive spirit? You couldn't really get more festive than waking up on christmas morning in a  snow covered log cabin!
  • I just love this vintage lace that Triona has for sale in her shop Astór.
  • I have yet to fulfill my promise to myself that I will make the American classic Eggnog at Christmas - This is the year, definitely.
  • One World Everybody Eats, What a great idea, pay what you can community cafés with local and seasonal menu's - What is there now to like about this?
  • If you are in Galway between now and Christmas don't forget to support your local makers and shakers at the Galway Market

A little later than usual, the weather here at the moment is delaying things slightly. Yes the wind is still whipping around us, in fact it seems to be one storm after another pummeling Ireland and the west coast in particular. We had close to hurricane winds on Wednesday - Come on weather, let up a little will you? 

I have come to realise, that there is not one thing you can do about the weather  - My solution is to sit tight, batten down the hatches, sleep downstairs, stoke up the fire, sit beside it and read these magazines that I treated myself to as an early christamas present, plan the christmas menu, make gifts and experiment with cocktails from this book (which was also an early present to myself - I decided I had been very good this year!)

Whatever you are up to this weekend, here is hoping that it is full of joy, solstice cheer and pre-christmas frivolities.

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