This Week

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Each Friday, I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

  • How do you create an Eco City? Find out more about the plans to turn a Cypriot town that has been un-inhabited for 39 years into just that.
  • A little pricey - But very inspiring!
  • The future lies with our children and educating them about food systems, photosynthesis, eco-systems and global health as part of the formal education system can only be good, here is another example: Reading, Writing & Harvesting:The Garden School Foundation. 
  • Did you hear that McDonald are closing ALL their fast food outlets in Bolivia, due to a cultural rejection of Fast Food - Go Bolivia!
  • Seen as though we are entering into a colder snap and all things frosty and christmas'y are already beginning to creep into my daily thoughts, I'm really hoping that we will get a good fall of snow and I could have myself one of these Nomadic Sled Habitats to play in.
  • Whilst on the Christmas/Winter vibe - I know, I know, it's still only November, but I just can't help myself - Anyway, it is good to prepare early in the Kitchen for the Christmas - So I'm thinking this will be one of the Cranberry Sauce recipe's I might just use.
  • Oh my GOODNESS - Jean-Claude Van Damme, never attracted my attention before -  but this - IMPRESSIVE!

Some days I find myself appreciating the good, simple, natural things in life. Today I'm grateful to be able to sit in my little sunroom, surrounded by my maps and books, enjoying my morning coffee and homemade banana bread, whilst working in the clarity of the crisp autumnal light that is pouring in the window -  FREEDOM!

Have a Great Weekend Folks wherever you may be - Most of all… Relish and take pleasure in your freedom.