This Week

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Each Friday, I will endeavor to post things of interest that have grabbed my attention throughout the previous seven days. Things to inspire, fascinate, educate and generally get you buzzing.

  • If you are in or around New York, or plan to take a visit, or just visit over the www, here are 10 interesting Agricultural Projects that you should 'look' up. 
  • We could have really used a few of the these over the past couple of weeks in Baile Mheiriceá !
  •  …On the subject of adverse weather conditions Food Supply is at risk from our ever warming climate.
  • Seen as though I didn't get a chance to share 'This Week' with you last week, here are the links to a few of my favourite birthday gifts. Son of a Sailor produce the most gorgeous jewelry. Stitch & Hammer are based in Boulder, Colorado and really appreciate true craftsmanship, their work with leather is beautiful. Closer to home in Dingle, Co. Kerry there is something a brewing! 

This week things are beginning to get back to a sense of ‘normality’ after two weeks of ‘activity’.

I must admit, the power of mother nature rattled me for a while, I was expecting a loud explosion most nights, lying awake...waiting!  When a neighbour’s shed was struck by lightning and burnt down last weekend, my general disposition did not improve.

On reflection, I realise that my nervousness has been based on a need to protect my ‘clan’ - ‘tribe’, ‘pack’, call them what you will. The instinct to shield and cushion that which is most important and precious to me has been overwhelming these last few days. Now that I have unravelled the rationale for my recent restless, anxious demenour, my composure is suddenly serene. 


It’s always a little foolish and naive to think that we know ourselves completely. We are forever acquiring and mastering the tools to navigate and absorb life. What is important is to be mindful of, and alert to, the un-conventional mediums of schooling.