The Supermarket's Awakening?

Are the Supermarket's beginning to wake up when it comes to Food Waste?

Tesco's decision to publish figures on food waste is a sign that pressure on supermarket's to act and be clear about their practices is having an effect.

Big packages and multi buy offers all have an effect on how much food we waste. We as consumers are all responsible but the supermarket industry also have a huge responsibility, especially further up the food chain, before the food actually hits the supermarket shelves. Supermarket's often refuse to take food from suppliers if it does not LOOK as it should or is expected to by the consumer - us. 

As you can read in this article

'we saw farms that supply food to UK supermarkets that waste more than 40% of their crops," … "This is usually for the retailers' cosmetic reasons – if beans are too long or too short, they are refused." ' (Guardian Newspaper 21/10/13)