The Wheel of the Year

One thing that we have learnt from folklore is that those who came before us were deeply rooted in celestial patterns and the rhythms of nature. We have dis-connected. I believe that in our modern world there is a need to re-connect with these simple, nourishing natural rhythms. Living a conscious life in tune with the natural world brings us clarity, connection and space.

As part of this Journal we will delve deeper into the cyclical change of the seasons, the ‘Wheel of the Year’ and observe how nature behaves throughout the seasonal cycle. We will be keeping notes on plant behaviour during each cycle - what grows and how, the moon cycles, daylight, darkness and moods…


Cultivate a habit of giving thanks. Gratitude is good for us. By giving thanks we focus on what is good, it deepens our values and connects us to one another.

“Generosity does not require material abundance. When I think back on the many people who have been so generous toward me, I never think of money or “things.” Instead, I think of the way they gave me their presence, their confidence, their affirmation, support, and blessing — all gifts of “self” that any of us can give.

And where does generosity come from? Perhaps from another life-giving virtue, the one called gratitude. When I take the time to breathe in my life and breathe out my gratitude for the gifts I’ve been given, only one question arises: “How can I keep these gifts alive?”

I know only one answer: “Become a giver yourself, pass your gifts along, and do it extravagantly!”

Parker J. Palmer